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How To Collect Sports Registrations With Ease

If you’re running a sports club, one of the most important duties that needs to be taken care of is signing up new members. Without members joining the club and paying to keep the lights on, your club doesn’t have much of a foundation to stand on!
Stefan Thyron

The Power of Visual Instruction in Player Development

Sports involve so many aspects from skill, technique and strategy to organization, communication and teamwork. All of these can be seen in players from a young age, but it's the development of these through training that transforms potential into success.
Chris Idun

Increase Revenue For Your Youth Sports Club (2024)

Youth sports are about fun, passion and development, but organizations also need to work to tight budgets and cover costs. Generating revenue is an integral part of running a successful youth sports club!
Chris Idun

How To Start A Youth Sports Club

In this article we will discuss the key things to think about when starting a youth sports club.
Chris Idun

How FC Tulsa Training Academy Boosts Performance with 360Player

At 360Player, we're thrilled to see the impact of our platform on sports clubs like FC Tulsa Training Academy. Alexander McLaurin, their Program Director, has shared how our all-in-one management tool has streamlined operations and improved communication across the board.
Phil Marfuggi

Coordination Training in Modern Football: An Essential Guide

It is not a big secret that modern football has become increasingly faster, not only physically but also mentally. Players today must make decisions within a split second, anticipate game situations before they even happen, and react accordingly.

Top 5 Tips for Dealing with Challenging Parents In Sports

Dealing with challenging parents in sports can be difficult and frustrating! To win them over you need clear communication, boundaries, and more.
Chris Idun

How to Break Out of a Slump in Sports

Experiencing a slump in sports can be frustrating and disheartening, but it's important to remember that it's not the end of the road.
Chris Idun

Top 7 Ways to Manage Behavior in Youth Sport

Having control of a training session is one of the pillars of a good coach. Good structure and organization will facilitate that but sometimes challenging behavior will cause a practice to derail.
Chris Idun

Mastering Time Management: A Comprehensive Guide For Coaches

One critical element in success as a coach is effective time management during training sessions. This article will explore strategies for coaches to maximize their time on the field, empower players with the development they need, and most importantly use the tools on the 360Player platform to streamline processes.
Chris Idun

Top 6 Ways to Motivate Players In Youth Sports

Motivating young athletes goes beyond just pushing them to perform better. It involves creating a positive environment to help players flourish, encouraging them to take ownership, and fostering their passion for the sport. Here are six key strategies to inspire and empower your players on their sporting journey.
Chris Idun

App Connect: The New Game Changing Feature for Sports Clubs

We are very excited to announce a new groundbreaking feature that will change the way our customers interact with the 360Player platform. Our new featured called App Connect allows clubs to seamlessly integrate external services and web content directly into 360Player which in turn offers new ways to generate revenue, streamline operations, and increase connectivity.
Stefan Thyron

Sports Club Payments Online: 5 Reasons Every Club Should Do It

Want to learn how to collect sports club payments faster and easier than ever before? Here we discuss how collecting payments online can make all the difference.
Stefan Thyron

How Sestao River Have Transformed Their Club With 360Player

Over the past year Sestao River Club have been using our sports management platform 360Player to streamline their operations, distribute club methodology, and communicate between departments. In this post we catch up with the staff around the club to ask them about their experience.

How IDA Valencia Use 360Player In Their Academy

IDA Valencia is an international academy that immerses players in a professional environment to grow and develop as best as possible. With college accredited academic curriculums and UEFA licensed professional coaches, it's an amazing environment for players wanting to reach the next level. 360Player has become an integral part of their organization and in this article, we'll take a deeper look at how they use it!

Three Things Every Coach Can Learn From Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola is without a doubt one of the most successful football coaches in modern times. Here we'll take a look at the exact principles Pep follows that coaches at every level can learn from.

7 Ideas For Fun & Effective Warm-Ups

An effective warm-up is important for many reasons from injury prevention, bodily preparation, and increased mental focus.

Football 101: Breaking Down The Basics of The Route Tree

How To Play Zone Defense - The Strengths & Weaknesses of Cover 2, Cover 3, & Cover 4

In this article we’re going to break down some of the most common zone defenses that are proven to be effective at all levels of American football.

Defensive Principles: Introduction to Shell Drills

A Tactical Analysis of Joshua Kimmich

Joshua Kimmich is a truly sensational player who has the tactical flexibility to play at a world class level in several different positions on the field. Here is how he does it!
Stefan Thyron

The Tactics That Won Bayern Munich The Champions League

Bayern quickly turned their season around under the direction of Hansi Flick as they eventually went on to win the triple.
Stefan Thyron

5 ways to work with your sports team remotely in 2024

In this article we go over five creative ways to use the 360Player app to get the most out of working with your team remotely.
Stefan Thyron

How RCD Espanyol de Barcelona Academy Stockholm Uses 360Player

Academy director Sergi Angulo Lerín discusses how his organization uses the 360Player platform to communicate and aid in player development.

What Are Inverted Fullbacks? - Tactical Breakdown

Improve Your 1v1 Skills & Become A Take On Artist

The Ultimate Guide To Soccer Shooting – Tips & Drills To Master Proper Technique

In this article we look at how to improve shooting accuracy, power, and technique with these tips and exercises so you can score more goals.

The Definitive Guide To Soccer Rondos (With 7 Proven Drill Variations)

This is a complete guide on how to help your soccer team improve with rondo drills. In this guide you will learn what a rondo is, why they are used, and how to best apply them in trainings for your team get better at passing, possessing the ball, and more!

5 Qualities of Successful Football Coaches in 2024

Just what exactly is it that makes a great football coach? When you think about it, coaches have a lot of responsibilities from organizing trainings, developing game plans, communicating with players, and much more. When it comes down to it though, successful coaches share some crucial common attributes which set them apart from the rest.
Stefan Thyron

How Physical Development Affects Youth Sports

5 ways using video analytics can help your sports team in 2024

Many successful coaches have realized the powerful role video analytics can play in helping their teams and players improve.
Stefan Thyron

Cristiano Ronaldo Analysis

Few players have accomplished as much at the top levels of football for as long as Cristiano has. In this article we discuss how Ronaldo became one of the all-time greats.

4 Powerful Coaching Takeaways From Jürgen Klopp

Passionate, innovative, and wildly successful, Jürgen Klopp is regarded by many as one of the best football managers in the world right now. But what is it exactly that makes Klopp such a special coach?
Stefan Thyron

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